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    Cerutti ST® Fabrics are leaders in environmental fabrics for upholstery and large surfaces like ceilings, walls, windows

    Located in Switzerland CeruttiST AG sells to many customers across Europe. Our customer base includes retailers, designers, decorators. CeruttiST AG does not sell directly to the public.

    CeruttiST AG handpicks yarns, canvas and fabrics from major textile plants in Europe and the USA. Our goal to our customers is simple: to provide our customers with great service and great green focused fabrics.

    Cerutti ST® Fabrics prides itself on using only environmentally friendly suppliers as well as natural green solutions.

    With many years of expertise, high manufacturing skill and the latest advances in technology, CeruttiST AG ensures that each product marketed under Cerutti ST name becomes a must-have and that each customer receives outstanding service from the point of order through to product delivery.

    Constantly reviewing suppliers' methods to ensure that they are at their most efficient reflects strongly on CeruttiST 's own business perception. When sourcing fabrics, CeruttiST strives to ensure that all of the fabrics adhere to environmental policies. In order to do this our suppliers choose methods and chemicals that will not have any impact on the environment.


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      To ensure faster transaction times CeruttiST offer EDI ordering – an electronic exchange which replaces the need to fax, phone, or email orders to CeruttiST. Reduce the amount of paperwork by using EDI or online ordering and receive status updates with automated nightly reports giving details on the progress of your orders.

  • FAQ

    • Does CeruttiST AG sell directly to consumers?

      CeruttiST AG sell only to trade customers

      What does CeruttiST AG do to help the environment?

      CeruttiST AG offers its customers only green materials. All fabrics in our Collections: Low VOC certification; enviromental certification, compatible to R.E.A.C.H. standards. We trust you will find this website a useful tool in your eco fabrics selection and on the relevance of environmental accreditation as a weapon against greenwashing.

      Can I order online?

      Yes, as long as you are our registered customer with an account you simply have to create a user account online and you will find an individual order form for each product.

    • You state to got only European partners, Why is it?

      CeruttiST AG is committed to environmental safety. CeruttiST AG is setting itself apart by having every supplier and partner accredited as environmentally preferable. Quality checking is an integral part of the manufacturing process at CeruttiST. Each product is rigorously checked to ensure the highest quality standards are attained. CeruttiST has recognized that the issue of climate change has forced many people to consider the impact their own lifestyle has on the environment. For this reason, CeruttiST are striving to become 'greener'. In countries outside Europe (the USA apart) we can not ensure our full inspection so we prefer to deal only with well-recognized environmentally oriented companies.

    • My customer requests details on the flame retardancy of a product, can you provide me with any information to pass onto them?

      All of our flame retardant products meet the B1 Standard - further details and certificates can be sent on request.

      Where can I find the properties for each fabric?

      Any certificates and technical sheets can be sent on request

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  • CeruttiST's World

    Only ecological solutions

    Cerutti ST® Fabrics prides itself on using only environmentally friendly suppliers as well as natural green solutions.

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    Modern Eco Fabrics and Systems

    Cerutti Soffitti Tesi

    Cerutti ST® is a range of seamless (up to 5 meters) technical coverings for stretch ceilings. Cerutti ST® are coverings for cold installation (installed at room ambient temperature) which ensure a perfectly smooth surface and uniform tension. No welding is necessary. The system does not use industry-standard PVC films, instead it is based on coated woven fabrics. Thanks to a system of high-tech PVC profiles (fixtures), Cerutti ST® coverings perfectly dress walls and ceilings.

    Cerutti Paratti

    Cerutti ST® wall coverings offer a vast range of solutions to decorate any home. Our fabrics have splendid combinations of textile, spatulated stucco, plaster effects to choose from. Some fabrics are seamless up to 5 meters. All products are washable and resistant to scratches. But above all they are environmentally friendly and VOC-certified. Our wall coverings are very easy to apply and can be digitally printed. We guarantee that the elements used to produce Cerutti ST® fabrics include all ecological characteristics.

    Cerutti Tende&Persiane

    Cerutti ST® Fabric blinds combine sumptuous textures, elegant patterns and chic colour palettes to give a contemporary feel of luxury living. The Cerutti ST® blinds offer a sensational range of eco-friendly, cadmium-free fabrics which are perfect for window dressings to suit every home. Many designers and retailers today have seen a trend towards selecting fabrics that are environmentally sound. Many homes and customers seem to like fabrics that have a natural look. More than offering environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable solutions with a significantly reduced carbon footprints, the Cerutti ST® seamless (up to 5 meters) blind fabrics can be used for digital decoration, murals, specialty applications and more.

    Samples and finishing for a quality interior arrangement

    Constantly reviewing suppliers' methods to ensure that they are at their most efficient reflects strongly on CeruttiST 's own business perception. When sourcing fabrics, CeruttiST strives to ensure that all of the fabrics adhere to environmental policies. In order to do this, our suppliers choose methods and chemicals that will not have any impact on the environment.

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    Poststrasse 8 6060 Sarnen Switzerland

    Tel: 0041415440774
    Fax: 0041415440775
    E-mail: info@ceruttist.ch CeruttiST AG
    Headquarters: Poststrasse 8 6060 Sarnen
    VAT: CHE-116.143.522 MWST

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    2017 February Announcement

    Renewed Snake designs for wallcovering collection “Cobra”, the printed non-woven wallcoverings are now 140-180 cm wide. All references are supplied cut length.

    2016 June Announcement

    It is to be reminded that all special products pre-orders for the 2017 production year have to be placed till July, 1 according to yearly quotas. Later orders will be scheduled only for the 2017-2018 cycle.

    2016 May Announcement

    New Eco Collection "Wonders from Vermeer" presented in Delft (the Netherlands). All fabrics are available for order.

    2016 February Announcement

    New Snake designs for this wallcovering collection called “Cobra”, the printed non-woven wallcoverings are 140 cm wide. All references are supplied cut length.

    2015 June Announcement

    Attention to those present at Roma June event: please reconfirm your purchasing quotes for special ‘Theatre’ collection fabrics by the end of the month.

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  • Eco Business

    Environmental Safety
    There are many ways that people can make their homes more eco-friendly. Using green materials from proven environmentally oriented manufacturers is the prime option. But hou can you be sure of this? We can be you guide in this. With our expertise in green business we can suggest proven ecological products. The choice of materials used in decorating interiors, determines the breathable air quality of the surroundings. Materials that emit a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), during the initial installation as well as once applied, retain their aesthetic and technical qualities without any further requirements, therefore presenting the preferred environmental solution of choice. AG fabrics are absolutely breathable, recyclable and ecologically-friendly.

    CeruttiST Benefits:
    Reduced carbon footprint

    Less petroleum-based materials used

    Wider seamless (up to 5 meters)

    Environmentally responsible alternatives

    PE/recyclable options

    Accordance to EN Standards: EN 233:1999 and EN 259-1:2001

    Absence of:
    Heavy metals

    Lead and cadmium as stabilizers

    Fluoride-chloride-hydrocarbons (CFC)

    Plasticizers of easy volatility